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What is UDP or User Datagram Protocol?

User Datagram Protocol, which is notoriously recognized with its abbreviation UDP, is actually renowned being “Internet Protocol Suite’s” most important or you may say core member. “Internet Protocol Suite” is actually renowned or you may say recognized being the protocols’ set which is normally or most often used to browse or use internet.

Messages may be or can be sent easily through or with the help of User Datagram Protocol or you may say with UDP. Prior communication is not required by this protocol with other hosts that are located on a different network through Internet Protocol in order to set up an especial data path or you may say transmission channel. David P. Reed was the person behind designing or developing this protocol which originally was designed or developed in year 1980.

User Datagram Protocol or you may say UDP is actually or you may say formally described or defined with the term or code RFC 768. A simple model of transmission is normally used by UDP without containing dialogues known with the name hand-shaking dialogues in order to provide or grant data integrity as well as ordering and data reliability.

Thus, can be stated that an unreliable service is provided or offered by the User Datagram Protocol in which datagram may reach to a condition or situation of appearing duplicated as well as out of order or gone missing without any prior or intimated notice. This protocol actually assumes that error correction as well as error checking is not a necessary part to perform any job in any application.

Normally UDP is preferred or you may say used by the applications that are considered as time-sensitive application because in these applications packets dropping is considered more preferable than the consumption or you may say delay in time.

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