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What is RSVP or Resource Reservation Protocol?

The Resource Reservation Protocol, which is also commonly renowned with RSVP abbreviation in the computing world especially in the networking field, is actually categorized under the field or label of Transport Layer protocol. The reason behind this protocol’s designing was actually resource reservation across an internet network for any specified integrated services.

Most commonly known Internet Layers i.e. IPv6 as well as IPv4, are used by the Resource Reservation Protocol to work efficiently and a setup that is known as a receiver-initiated setup is also provided by RSVP of resource reservations for unicast as well as multicast flows of the computer data with robustness as well as scaling. Application data is actually not transported by this type of renowned protocols but the functionality of RSVP is much similar or same as of functionality provided by IGMP as well as by ICMP.

RFC 2205 is the computing code or term used to define or describe the Resource Reservation Protocol. Routers as well as hosts may use this RSVP in order to deliver, send or request quality of service (QoS) up to a specific level for flows as well as streams of application data.

Place reservations of the applications as well as the relinquishing of these reserved resources are actually defined by Resource Reservation Protocol once the need or requirement of these resources reached to its end. RSVP does not consider itself being a typical routing protocol but it was designed or developed in order to inter-connect or inter-operate with future as well as currently available routing protocols.

This RSVP protocol is rarely or very unseemly deployed in today’s telecommunications networks but RSVP-TE or you may say RSVP’s traffic engineering extension, is commonly in use currently in several networks that are known as QoS-oriented networks.

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