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What is PPP or Point-to-Point Protocol?

Point-to-Point protocol is well-known or you may say commonly recognized protocol in networking field around the globe being a protocol that falls under the data link protocol category. PPP or you may say Point-to-Point protocol is actually utilized to create or make a direct connection or you may say link between two nodes that are known as networking nodes.

This notorious or top ranking data link protocol, which actually is called as Point-to-Point protocol, may also provide transmission privacy about encryption, authentication to the connection as well as compression to the two networking nodes. May types of networks that fall under the physical networks’ category are supported by this protocol PPP in which trunk line, phone line, cellular telephone, serial able, fiber optic links and specialized radio links are also included.

Dial-up access to the customer in the network of Internet service providers’ category is normally provided through Point-to-Point protocol or you may say PPP to access the internet. Internet service providers or you may say ISPs normally use Point-to-Point over ATM (also recognized as PPPoA) as well as Point-to-Point over Ethernet (also recognized as PPPoE) to establish a connection of internet service with their customers which commonly is recognized as Digital Subscriber Line or you may say DSL.

Connections in Point-to-Point protocol or you may say PPP are normally established through data link layers over asynchronous circuits as well as over synchronous circuits. Several protocols of the network layer were taken into consideration before designing this notorious PPP protocol in which AppleTalk, Internetwork Packet Exchange or you may say IPX (designed by Novell) and Internet Protocol is also included.

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