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What is NDP or Neighbor Discovery Protocol?

Neighbor Discovery Protocol, which also is named as NDP by the computer professionals, is actually recognized being major or prominent part of the Internet Protocol Suite which intentionally is used or utilized with IPv6 or you may say Internet Protocol Version 6. Network Layer is normally used by this protocol to work properly or efficiently in the RFC 1122 which is an Internet model.

Neighbor Discovery Protocol or you may say NDP is actually responsible for nodes’ address auto-configuration as well as other nodes’ discovery on the specified link, determining the other nodes’ Link Layer addresses, detection of duplicate address, available routers’ finding, servers of Domain Name System or you may say DNS, discovery of address prefix, reachability information’s maintenance in terms of other neighbor nodes’ paths which are considered active.

Five different types of the packet are defined by Neighbor Discovery Protocol or you may say NDP just to perform efficiently or properly for IPv6 as similar as it is done by Address Resolution Protocol or you may say ARP as well as Internet Control Message Protocol or ICMP. However many improvements are provided by NDP over its other counterparts of IPv4.

Neighbor Unreachability Detection or you may say NUD is also includes in the Neighbor Discovery Protocol’s functionality which lack in other counterparts of this protocol which is required or necessary in packet delivery’s robustness in the presence of failing links as well as mobile nodes and routers. Router discover as well as prefix discovery, parameter discovery, address resolution, address autoconfiguration, next-hop determination, duplicate address detection, neighbor unreachability detection and redirection is done by NDP through defining different mechanism.

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