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What is IPsec or Internet Protocol Security?

A popularly known protocol suite is given the name of Internet Protocol Security which is also commonly called with IPsec abbreviation within computer related circles. IP communications or you may say Internet Protocol’s communications are secured normally with the utilization or help of this protocol suite by encrypting as well as authenticating every single packet of Internet Protocol (IP)’s session of communication.

Mutual authentication which normally is required between agents is also allowed, provided or established with the usage of IPsec or you may say Internet Protocol Security at the beginning of every session of communication as well as cryptographic keys’ negotiation is also established by IPsec just to use during every single session.

Internet Protocol Security or you may say IPsec is actually categorized or recognized being a security scheme that provides end-to-end security in any Internet Layer of the protocol suite. Data flows may also be protected by IPsec between hosts’ pair or you may say host-to-host, between security gateways’ pair or you may say network-to-network, or between a host and a security gateway i.e. network-to-host.

Some other currently renowned security systems that are also commonly in use, i.e. Transport Layer Security or you may say TLS, Secure Socket Layer or you may say SSL and Secure Shell or you may say SSH, work efficiently or properly in a TCP / IP model on its upper layers. That’s the only reason that application traffic is protected by IPsec across any IP-based network.

There is no need to design specific applications just in intention to make them enable or capable of using IPsec or you may say Internet Protocol Security but it is designed in any application in order to provide protection to the application protocols.

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