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What is IGMP or Internet Group Management Protocol?

Internet Group Management Protocol, which may also be called with IGMP abbreviation as the abbreviation is similarly popular in discussion among the computer professionals, is actually categorized or recognized being a communication protocol. This type of communications protocol is normally used or utilized by adjacent routers as well as by hosts on the networks of IPs.

Internet Group Management Protocol or you may say IGMP is actually utilized establishing group memberships that are known or named as multicast group memberships. For multicast specification of an IP-based network, IGMP is known or recognized being this network’s integral part. Unicast connections are established through this communication protocol by analogous IGMP to ICMP protocol.

Internet Group Management Protocol or you may say IGMP may also be utilized or commonly used for gaming as well as for streaming online videos because comparatively more efficient use is provided or allowed by this protocol in terms of resources when these types (gaming as well as video streaming) of applications. IPv4 networks are used by this protocol to work efficiently.

Multicast Listener Discovery is actually utilized to handle IPv6 networks which actually work in connection with ICMPv6 messaging instead of bare IP encapsulation provided by IGMP. This protocol is utilized between a router, called local multicast router, and a computer called client computer.

Useful information is derived by those switches that are known as IGMP featured switches, by observing transactions that are sent through IGMP. Internet Group Management Protocol is normally or most often described in three versions. RFC 1112 is the term utilized to define IGMPv1 and RFC 2236 for IGMPv2 while RFC 3376 is used for defining IGMPv3.

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