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What is ICMP or Internet Control Message Protocol?

Internet Control Message Protocol, which is named or called most often as well with its abbreviation i.e. ICMP, is actually recognized in the currently famous computing world as Internet Protocol Suite’s core, leading or main member. Networked computers currently are using this protocol type commonly in their operating systems just in intention to transmit or send messages that are known as error messages.

These error messages that are transmit or send through Internet Control Message Protocol or you may say ICMP are actually known as the indicating messages like a message that gives back a statement of requested service by the user is currently unavailable or not available as well as a message like a router or you may say host can not be reached or is not reachable at the moment.

Query messages may also be relayed or delayed by the Internet Control Message Protocol or you may say ICMP. The tasks done by an ICMP protocol actually works on the basis of an IP and therefore ICMP is considered an important or you may say integral part of an IP address. The purpose of ICMP actually differs from the purpose of protocols that are known as transport protocol like UDP as well as TCP.

Actually Internet Control Message Protocol or you may say ICMP is not used commonly or typically to receive as well as send data between systems that are known as end systems. Network application of any user directly does not involve or use this protocol. ICMPv4 is the name which is given or used for this protocol for Internet Protocol’s version 4 which is also described as IPv4.

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