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What is SCTP or Stream Control Transmission Protocol?

Stream Control Transmission Protocol or you may call or say SCTP, is recognized or renowned in the computing world under the networking field being a popular protocol which falls under the Transport Layer Protocol’s category. The serving or you may say functionality of this protocol is as similar as the functionality or service provided by another same category’s protocol which is recognized or named as Transmission Control Protocol or you may call or say TCP.

Stream Control Transmission Protocol also works as similar as the work or functionality is provided by the User Datagram Protocol. Some featuring services of the SCTP are as same as provided by the above-mentioned two protocols like sending messages as it is done by UDP but reliability is ensured in this protocol and like message transportation as it is done by TCP with congestion control.

Stream Control Transmission Protocol or you may say SCTP was originally designed or defined in year 2000 by a working group called as SIGTRAN which is also recognized as the IETF Signaling Transport group. This Transport Layer protocol is actually maintained by a working group known with the name IETF Transport Area or you may call or say TSVWG.

RFC 4960 is the term or you may say code which is used to define or describe this SCTP or you may say Stream Control Transmission Protocol. RFC 3286 code is used to provide SCTP’s introduction. It is stated that SCTP tunnel is possible over UDP if the support of SCTP is absent in any operating system. Data is submitted in the SCTP applications to the transport layer of SCTP to be transmitted or sent in shape of messages.

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